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Raw food on the Gold Coast! Totally Gluten-free! An exciting new wave of eating has hit our shores.  People fed up with low nutrition produce are coming together to create a innovative way of consuming.  I mean, food takes up a lot of our time, so it’s only natural that we should strive to make it interesting and beautiful.

Say goodbye to microwave monoculture.  It’s about high taste and high nutrition. It’s easy and quick and won’t leave you feeling like a bloated whale.

We can’t promise its going to take away your hangover but it will make you feel a lot better than a chicken milkshake.

R - Raw Food.  Healthy eating. 

O - Organic food and organic gardening using permaculture techniques (where possible - and local as often as we can)

A - Australian made (and Australian sourced where possible - please contact us if you are an organic date grower in Oz!)

R - Revolution.  At ROAR FOOD, we always are a vegan and vegetarian catering option for parties, meetings and events.  We specialise in gluten-free, wheat-free and dairy-free cakes and food without compromising on taste. 

We commit to donating at least 5% of our annual profit to charities that promote wilderness conservation.

ROAR FOOD can be found in local gold coast markets and restaurants.  We cater in locations from Brisbane to Byron.  Click here for LocationsLessons and cooking parties available.

Contact Brendan or Suki on 0451049041

You can contact us by emailing or giving us a text/call on 0451 049 041.

Or, if you fancy a chat face to face, we are at the Miami Organic Markets every Sunday (at Miami High School, off the Gold Coast Highway from 6am to 11am).  Come and buy great produce from local farmers and meet exciting organic local businesses!

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